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List of Hospitals Offering Observerships

This is a partial list of hospitals that we know of that offer OBSERVERSHIPS for international medical graduates and medical students. For a list of hospitals offering externships, please see the separate list titled Hospitals Offering Externships
If you find any other hospital that offers observerships, please leave a comment below and we will be glad to update the list. ALABAMA University of Alabama, Huntsville
Specialty: Family Medicine
URL: "Observerships are available from August to February for International Medical Graduates. March, April, and May are reserved for incoming matched Interns. These observeships can be scheduled for a maximum duration of 30 days. An applicant must be ECFMG certified." Requirement for Application 1. Current Curriculum Vitae
2. 3 Letters of Reference
3. Personal Statement
4. Copy of Medical School Transcripts
5. Copy of Medical School Diploma (with English translations, if necessary)
6. Copy of ECFMG Certificate
7. Copy of USMLE Transcripts COntact Info:
Preeti Francis
UAB FM Residency - Huntsville Campus
301 Governors Drive, Suite 334
Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: (256) 551-4632
Fax: (256) 551-4633 University of Alabama
Specialty: Pediatrics
Offer Four Observership Positions each year
URL: ARIZONA Maricopa Integrated Health System
Specialty: Internal Medicine
Requirements for IMG's: CALIFORNIA David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Specialty: Family Practice Observership program for Latino IMGs
Also has Elective Courses in Family Medicine and clerkships for Third Fourth Year Medical Students
Also has sommer research opportunities for medical students
see the url below Stanford University
Stanford Emergency Medicine International
Specialty: Emergency Medicine
Progam Title: Stanford Emergency Medicine International Visiting Scholars Program (SEMI)
Program + Application Information
URL: UC Davis Network of Affiliated Family Practice Programs
Specialties: FP, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics
URL: UCSF - Fresno
Specialty: Family Medicine
Program URL: UCLA IMG Program for English-Spanish speaking Hispanics and other minority IMGs
Specialty: Family Medicine
Summer Opportunities in Family Medicine
URL: Other opportunities - Ophthalmology Miniresidency Vision International Eye Missions, Santa Rosa
URL: Colorado: None
See externship list for available externships - atleast one was available Connecticut Hospital: Griffin Hospital
Specialty(ies) offering Observership(s): Internal Medicine
Website URL:
Contact Info: 130 Division St. Derby, CT 06418
(203) 735-7421 Toll-free in CT (800) 354-3094
Contact us: Special Notes: For US medical Students: * Students must have finished their core clerkships in Internal Medicine
* Must have passed USMLE step 1
* Be in good standing at the school Foreign Medical Students: * Students in 5 year program:
o Must have finished 4rth year successfully
o Must have finished 4rth year successfully
o Must have passed USMLE step 1 or Step 2
o Be in good standing at the school
* Students in 4 year program (such as Caribbean schools):
o Must have finished core internal medicine clerkships
o Must have passed USMLE step 1
o Be in good standing at the school Other opportunities such as Externships: NA University of Connecticut
Specialties: Multiple
URL: Yale University School of Medicine
Specialty: Radiology
Note: "Visitors in Diagnostic Radiology - There are opportunities for students, residents, and scholars to visit or participate in Diagnostic Radiology in terms of education, research or patient care. Charges may be levied, depending on the level of participation." George Washington University Medical Center
Specialties: Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Medicine and specialties, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Radiology, and Surgery website URL: Washington Hospital Center Specialties: Multiple Detailed info on the program from the program's website: The goal of this program is to provide a strong clinical experience as well as a basic overview of the American medical system as it is carried out at The George Washington University Medical Center. Observers can expect to participate, with their American colleagues, in the work of a medical center that enjoys an outstanding international reputation for interdisciplinary coordination of education, research, diagnosis and treatment. This program will allow important relationships to develop between The George Washington University Medical Center and the sponsoring institution or agency. The George Washington University Medical Center believes that an important goal of international collaborations is to exchange knowledge and develop and maintain relationships with their colleagues from around the world. Definition of "Observer" "Observer" will be the term used for all physicians from outside the United States who wish to update their clinical and educational skills in a particular specialty. Each observer will be matched with a faculty member who will serve as their mentor during their observer training at The George Washington University Medical Center.
Eligibility Requirements for "Observer" For the observer to fully benefit from his or her experience at The George Washington University Medical Center, it is imperative that the observer has command of the English language. Patient contact is prohibited as an observer. Each observer must obtain his or her own visa. The GWUMC does not issue visas for observers. To match the physician with an appropriate faculty member, the Office of International Medicine Programs will require a copy of each observer's curriculum vitae, 2 letters of recommendation, an objective statement outlining areas of interest and goals, time and length of observership, copy of MD degree, copy of HIPPA certificate (, and results from the USMLE steps 1 and 2 four weeks before the training is to begin.
Certification of Training At the end of their training, all observers will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation and length of rotation at The George Washington University Medical Center. Assignment of Positions Opportunities are potentially available in the following specialties: Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Medicine and specialties, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pathology, Pediatrics (at Children's National Medical Center), Psychiatry, Radiology, and Surgery. Availability of positions will depend upon the availability of faculty mentors and is subject to change throughout the year. Each observership must be approved on a case-by-case basis by the department, in which the department chairperson and/or residency program director will designate a faculty member to mentor the observer.
Length of Appointment Observers will be eligible for assignment to The George Washington University Medical Center for a period of 4-6 weeks in any given specialty. Special accommodations for longer rotations may be made on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to faculty availability. Program Cost There will be a tuition fee of $1,250 per week for each observer which is the responsibility of the sponsoring institution or government agency. This tuition charge will cover all educational, clinical and administrative expenses required to implement the observer program at The George Washington University Medical Center. Services included in the tuition are: assignment to a faculty member; participation in department activities; review and discussion of cases; participation in conferences, lectures, and grand rounds; access to the extensive literature, journals and research services at Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library and access to our physicians lounge for complimentary breakfast, lunch and refreshments during their entire rotation. The George Washington University Medical Center will require payment for services in advance of arrival. All living and housing expenses are the responsibility of the observer and/or the sponsoring institution or government agency.
Formal Letter of Agreement A formal letter of agreement regarding this specialized program must be signed between The George Washington University Medical Center and the appropriate institution. The letter of agreement will clearly outline the roles and financial responsibilities of each party. In addition, each observer will be required to sign a statement acknowledging that he/she will have no patient contact and that no liability, disability, worker's compensation or educational credit will be provided (Sample Attached).
Financial Benefits to Participants All observers must be provided with appropriate financial support by the sponsoring institution or government. The George Washington University Medical Center does not provide salary or benefits for any trainees accepted under this program.
Health Insurance The sponsoring institution or government agency shall provide each observer comprehensive health insurance or a health benefits plan offered by an insurance company or managed care organization authorized to do business in the District of Columbia. For Additional Information, please contact:
Office of International Medicine Programs
The George Washington University Medical Center
2300 I Street, NW, Suite 708
Phone: 202-994-2796
Fax: 202-994-0074
E-Mail: Washington Hospital Center
Specialties: Multiple
This hospital has no formal program but upon approval from the clinical department director, international physicians may participate in observerships to observe clinical activities and participate in academic discussions with Hospital Center physician colleagues.
URL of the program: Cleveland Clinic Florida
Specialties: Multiple
Website URL:
Application form:
Duration: Two Months maximum
Fees: varies, approximately USD 500.
Phone: 954-659-5360. What to Expect: If you are interested in an Observership. Please complete an application for visiting observer indicating the specific dates of your visit to the Clinic and you can mail it or fax it to us. Please be sure to fill in all requested information and return to us as soon as possible. A maximum of two months may be considered. If you are planning to attend anything less than two weeks you will still need to complete and application however, in this case it will be directed to the Department of Observers and their fax # is 954-659-5622. Upon receipt of your application and proof of up-to-date immunizations, Overseas observer need a valid B-1, B-2, J-1, H-1b, or O-1 visa. A curriculum vitae (CV) and current photograph (passport size preferred; color or black & white or a copy of your Drivers License/Passport) are required. Additional information may be required in order to process your application. We will be in contact with you as soon as we have all the information needed. An observer may watch procedures, surgeries, patient histories and physicals, and attend patient rounds and teaching conferences. Please note that the Department of Internal Medicine is not offering rotations for 2008 or 2009. An observer may not participate in patient care activities or research. We require proof of immunization, specifically: 1. Varicella, rubella, titers, and/or immunizations MMR (mumps, measles & rubella)
2. Recent documented TB test or recent chest X-ray (<1year) if known TB positive
3. Proof of hepatitis B immunity (serology)
4. Proof of blood borne pathogen training or training will be provided prior to starting rotation.
5. ECFMG required for certain departments Application Fee
An application fee of $500 (nonrefundable) payable to Cleveland Clinic Florida must be returned with your completed application and appropriate paperwork. Applications will not be processed until the application fees are paid. An additional $100 weekly tuition fee will be assessed for surgically based observerships. No incident patient contact is permitted as part of these programs. Eligible physicians must complete HIPAA training. Advanced Surgical Observation Program * Attendance at all relevant departmental conferences
* Attendance to observe hospital rounds
* Observation of outpatient and in patient encounters
* Observation of surgical and other interventional procedures Entry interview with the department chairman to review goals and objectives of the advanced surgical observation program
* Provision of educational materials which may include reprints of scientific articles and / or procedural DVDs
* Exit interview with department chairman to review the visiting surgeon’s experience There are more than 12 postgraduate courses held each year. You may attend any portion of these courses, time permitting. For Further Information
Please contact the Department of Graduate Medical Education if you need additional information. We are here to help!
Contact Info:
Graduate Medical / Medical Student Education
Cleveland Clinic Florida
Observership Department
2950 Cleveland Clinic Boulevard
Weston, Florida 33331
Phone: 954/659-5360
Fax: 954/659-5622
Email: --------------------------------------------- Medical Surgical Specialists, Naples, Florida
Specialties: Multiple
Wbesite URL:
Application Form URL: ---------------------------------------------- Miami Children's Hospital, Miami
Specialty: Pediatrics
Application Information
URL: NB: Also has an annual conference on "Perspectives in Pediatrcs" As per the website, this conference is world renowed!
The 43rd Annual Postgraduate Course will take place from March 7, 2008 to March 13, 2008." ---------------------------------------------- Mount Sinai Medical Center : Mini-Residency Program
Registration fee $500.00 per course Application form: Program URL: International Post Graduate Mini-Residency Program
The International Post Graduate Mini-Residency program is being offered on a year round basis consisting of courses of mini-residencies in 11 specialty areas. This program will offer participating physicians four weeks of intense observer activity in the area of their choice. Participants will be able to observe patient care as it is rendered by attending and housestaff and will participate in discussions, patient-oriented conferences, and other didactic sessions. Participants will not have any responsibility or active participation in direct patient care. Registration is strictly limited to assure a meaningful experience for those enrolled in this program. Selected on the basis of availability and previous experience in the specialty area of their choice, applicants will be notified of the status of their application within six weeks of receipt of their complete application, including registration fee and supporting documents. The registration fee will be processed after being accepted in the program. The courses start every first Monday of the month and a certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the four-week course. Because of limited spaces on our courses, we recommend you send your application at least 90 days in advance to the starting date of your choice. ---------------------------------------------- Jackson Health System Hospitals
(Includes Jackson Memorial Hospital, South Community Hospital, North Medical Center, Holtz Children Hospital, etc.) Application Fee: 200$ URL: Detailed Info: on Observership at this program POLICY: It is the policy of the Public Health Trust to accept physicians or resident physicians desiring to participate as an observer/rotator at Jackson Health System facilities. All requests for Observer/Rotators must be reviewed and approved by Risk Management. The individual desiring to participate in such activities must provide the Office of Physician Services all required documentation as set forth in this policy in order to be considered for a rotation or observership. Jackson Health System will not provide professional liability coverage for any resident for an outside institution. If the home institution will not provide the coverage, then they will be classified as observer status only. PURPOSE: To describe the process of approval of observers/rotators’ requests and to list the required documentation needed to consider such requests. PROCEDURE: I. Required Documentation The following documents must be submitted to Physician Services 90 days prior the expected starting date of rotation/observership: (1) Letter of good standing from home institution
(2) Letter of acceptance by the JHS’ Clinical Services where he/she wishes to rotate/observe
(3) Copy of health insurance policy or card
(4) Curriculum Vitae
(5) Copy of passport and visa ( for physicians from other countries) In addition to the above documents if there is patient contact, the individual must submit: (1) Copy of malpractice coverage
(2) Current/Valid Florida Medical License or completed application as an Unlicensed Physician along with a $200.00 processing fee. No rotator will be allowed to engage inpatient care activities until after a training license has been issued by the Florida Board of Medicine. II. Risk Management Review and Approval Physician Services will submit the complete packet to Risk Management for review and Approval. Risk Management will submit a notification of approval/non-approval to Physician Services as soon as the packet has been reviewed. III. Observer/Rotator Notification Physician Services will notify the specific clinical service of Risk Management’s approval/non-approval. ---------------------------------------------- University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (Bascom Palmer Eye Institute)
Specialty: Ophthalmology Observership Programs URL: Application for Observerships: ---------------------------------------------- University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami
Specialties: Multiple
They have an internation medical student observership program
URL: nternational Services:
Teresa de la Guardia; Claudia Zitzmann;
Phone: 305-284-2928; Fax: 305-284-3409 bservership Program: US Citizens & Permanent Residents Observership Program: Visiting Medical Students currently enrolled in medical school International Services:
Teresa de la Guardia; Claudia Zitzmann;
Phone: 305-284-2928; Fax: 305-284-3409 US Citizens & Perm. Residents - Observership Program
Mary Palmer - Medical Faculty Affairs
Phone: 305-243-6551; Fax: 305-243-5574
James Stegall, Office of Student Affairs
Medical Education
Phone: 305-243-7418; Fax: 305-243-6757 ---------------------------------------------- University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami
Specialty: Nephrology
Program URL: ---------------------------------------------- University of Miami, Miami
Specialty: Obstetrics & Gynecology
Application Information & Eligibility
URL: Detailed Info on Observership program: Observerships in Obstetrics and Gynecology are available to domestic medical students and international medical students. Qualified participants will rotate through the various areas of the Ob/Gyn department including Labor and Delivery, UM clinics, and the Divisions of Gynecologic Oncology, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, and Maternal Fetal Medicine. You should make arrangements for the observership at least 90 days in advance. When contacting the residency coordinator, make sure you can answer the following questions: * When are you planning to complete your observership?
* How long will you be observing?
* Which area(s) of Obstetrics and Gynecology are you interested in observing? Areas in our department include:
1. General obstetrics and gynecology
2. Maternal fetal medicine
3. Reproductive endocrinology and infertility
4. Gynecologic oncology The following documentation is required to register for an observership:
U.S. Visiting Student * A letter of good standing from your dean’s office verifying your credentials
* Letter confirming that you are covered for malpractice insurance by your own institution while working in Miami
* Proof of personal medical insurance
* Proof of vaccinations
* Copy of your Curriculum Vitae
* Tuition ($250 per month) U.S. Student from a School Not Accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education This program is strictly tutorial and does not involve research, patient care or contact. Additionally, educational credits are not available through this program. * A letter of good standing from your dean's office verifying your credentials
* Letter confirming that you are covered for malpractice insurance by your own instituition while working in Miami
* Proof of personal medical insurance
* Proof of vaccinations
* Copy of your Curriculum Vitae
* Certificate of graduation, medical license, ECFMG certificate (if applicable)
* Tuition ($250 per month) International Student Observer * Curriculum Vitae
* Certificate of Graduation
* Current photo (2” x 4” )
* Letters of Recommendation
* Copies of Medical Licenses (if applicable)
* Copy of a valid passport
* Visa or proof of U.S. residency
* Proof of health Insurance
* Tuition ($250) For more information, or to submit an application, please contact Rebecca Cardenas, residency coordinator, at 305-585-5640 or by e-mail at ---------------------------------------------- University of Miami, Miami
Specialty: Pathology
Detailed Information: Visiting Scholars/Observership Program In keeping with its commitment to global exchange, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine has established the Observership Program. This program is open to qualified foreign nationals who wish to visit the University and its affiliated hospitals for a short period of time to observe the activities of the department. The Department of Pathology accepts scholars (physicians and researchers) who want to observe new technology and other advances in pathology that are available within our laboratories. To determine your eligibility to participate in our department's observership program, please complete this Observership Eligibility Questionnaire. Any questions, please contact the Department of Pathology’s Administrative Office, Ms. Angela Smith, at (305) 585-6303 or via email: ---------------------------------------------- University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, Miami
Specialty: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PMR - Physiatry)
Detailed Observership Program Information: In keeping with its commitment to global exchange, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine has established the Observership Program. This program is open to qualified foreign nationals who wish to visit the University and its affiliated hospitals for a short period of time to observe the activities of the department. International students and students enrolled in foreign medical schools may be accepted as observers for clinical experiences. Observer status means that visiting students may not have any direct patient contact or be responsible in any measure for patient care. They may observe on round, follow resident and attending physicians and may participate in departmental conferences. For more information please contact the Education Coordinator. Educational Services Contact
For eligibility questions and application requirements, please contact the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Education Office at 305-585-1431 or via email: ---------------------------------------------- University South Florida, Tampa
"Stephen Klasko Observership Program for International Physicians"
Specialties: Infectious Disease, Anesthesiology, but more may be introduced Observership program's website: Application form: Detailed Observership Program Information: Educational Programs for International Students
Stephen Klasko Observership Program for International Physicians
History The USF Division of Infectious Disease & International Medicine created the Stephen Klasko Observership Program in 2006. The program initiated with physicians from the Dominican Republic traveling to Tampa General Hospital to be trained in various disciplines. Charter physician trainee Dr. Monica Thormann, Chief of Infectious Diseases at Salvador B. Gautier Hospital in Santo Domingo, trained with Dr. Sally Houston and other faculty from the USF Division of Infectious Disease at Tampa General Hospital. Mission The Stephen Klasko Observership Program for international physicians at the University of South Florida College of Medicine is dedicated to providing innovative medical education for medical physicians from around the globe. Through this program, highly motivated physicians, whose universities have forged a collaborative agreement with USF College of Medicine, are invited to participate in medical observerships and leadership training and subsequently return to their countries to be clinicians, leaders, and educators in their medical fields. This program is integrated into USF Health's initiative to provide creative training and educational programs to all deserving individuals. Potential areas of training include: * Infectious Diseases
* Internal Medicine *Please note: The observership programs are restricted to select international universities (listed below) that have forged a collaborative agreement with the USF College of Medicine. Interested applicants should check back for updates. We do not accept applications from individuals affiliated with universities other than those listed below. * Yeungnam Medical Center, Yeungnam University, Daegu, South Korea
* Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador
* Universiteit Utrecht, Randstad, Netherlands
* Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
* Faculty of Medicine, Srinakharinwirot University, Nakorn Nayok, Thailand To be continued...

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