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Carpal bones"She Looks Too Pretty; Try To Catch Her&quo

By Anonymous - Posted on 02 July 2004

Carpal bones"She Looks Too Pretty; Try To Catch Her": ? Proximal row then distal row, both lateral-to-medial: Scaphoid Lunate Triquetrium Pisiform Trapezium Trapezoid Capate Hamate ? Alternatively: "She Likes To Play; Try To Catch Her". Flexor digitorum muscles: how they insert onto fingers? A little rhyme: Superficialis Splits in two, To Permit Profundus Passing through. Scrotum layers
"Some Damn Englishman Called It The Testis":
? From superficial to deep: Skin Dartos External spermatic fascia Cremaster Internal spermatic fascia Tunica vaginalis Testis Femoral triangle: contents NAVY:
? In order from lateral to medial: Nerve Artery Vein Y of the groin ? Alternatively: Y = Y-fronts [male underwear]. Vagus nerve: path into thorax"I Left my Aunt in Vegas": Left Vagus nerve goes Anterior descending into the thorax. Supine vs. prone body position Know SUPination is your hand while carrying a bowl of SOUP. Your face follows where your palm is facing [i.e. up]. Put a handpuppet on your hand while hand is in supination and the puppet will be the supine position. ? See diagram. Axillary artery branches
"Suzy Thompkins Loves Sex, Alcohol, and Pot": ? From proximal to distal: Superior thoracic Thoracacromial Lateral thoracic Subscapular Anterior circumflex humeral Posterior circumflex humeral Horner's syndrome componentsSPAM: Sunken eyeballs/ Symphathetic plexus (cervical) affected Ptosis Anhydrosis Miosis Voicebox: names of parts in sagittal cross-section
"There's 3 V's in your Voicebox": Vestibular fold Ventricle Vocal fold ? Note: Vestibular and Vocal cord also known as false and true cords respectively. Serratus anterior: innervation SALT: Serratus Anterior = Long Thoracic. Hip: lateral rotators "Piece Goods Often Go On Quilts": Piriformis Gemellus superior Obturator internus Gemellus inferior Obturator externus Quadratus femoris Thigh: innervation by compartment" MAP OF Sciatic":
Medial compartment: Obturator Anterior compartment: Femoral Posterior compartment: Sciatic
? So all the thigh muscles in that compartment get innervated by that nerve. Internal jugular vein: tributaries"Medical Schools Let Confident People In": ? From inferior to superior: Middle thyroid Superior thyroid Lingual Common facial Pharyngeal Inferior petrosal sinus Genu valgum vs. genu vargum Genu valGUM (knock-knee): knees are GUMmed together.
? Varum (bowleg) is the other by default, or Far rhymes with Var, so knees are far apart. Erector spinae muscles"I Like Standing":
? From lateral to medial Illiocostalis Longissimus Spinalis Cubital fossa contents "N-MAN":
? From lateral to medial: Nerve Muscle Artery Nerve ? Specifics are radial Nerve, biceps Muscle tendon, brachial Artery, median Nerve. External carotid artery branches"Suzy Always Lays Flat On Pillows Making Sex Terrific": Superior thyroid Ascending pharyngeal Lingual Facial Occipital Posterior auricular Maxillary Superificial Temporal Median nerve: recognizing it in an opened axillaThe Median nerve is the Middle of a giant capital "M" formed by the musculocutaneous and ulnar nerves. Trigeminal nerve: where branches exit skull"Standing Room Only": Superior orbital fissure is V1 foramen Rotundum is V2 foramen Ovale is V3 Dermatome C7 locationC7 gives the finger to heaven (as in middle finger). External carotid artery branches"Some Angry Lady Figured Out PMS": Superior thyroid Ascending pharyngeal Lingual Facial Occipital Posterior auricular Maxillary Superificial temporal Brachioradialis: function, innervation, one relation, one attachment BrachioRadialis: Function: Its the Beer Raising muscle, flexes elbow, strongest when wrist is oriented like holding a beer. Innervation: Breaks Rule: it?s a flexor muscle, But Radial. (Radial nerve usually is for extensors: Recall BEST rule: B was for brachioradialis). Important relation: Behind it is the Radial nerve in the cubital fossa. Attachment: Attaches to Bottom of Radius. Pleura surface markings"All the even ribs, in order: 2,4,6,8,10,12 show its route": Rib2: sharp angle inferiorly Rib4: the left pleura does a lateral shift to accommodate heart Rib6: both diverge laterally Rib8: midclavicular line Rib10: midaxillary line Rib12: the back ? See diagram. Aortic arch: major branch order "Know your ABC'S":
Aortic arch gives rise to: Brachiocephalic trunk left Common Carotid left Subclavian ? Beware though trick question of 'What is first branch of aorta?' Technically, it's the coronary arteries. V3 innervated muscles (branchial arch 1 derivatives)
"M.D. My TV": Mastication [masseter, temporalis, pterygoids] Digastric [anterior belly] Mylohyoid tensor Tympani tensor Veli palatini Foramen ovale contents
MALE: Mandibular nerve Accessory meningeal artery Lesser petrosal nerve Emissary veins

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